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    PaaS Openshift is the best option until now

    <p><strong>OpenShift</strong> is a cloud computing platform as a service product from Red Hat.</p> <p>The software that runs the service is open-sourced under the name OpenShift Origin.</p>

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    HCI launchs Active Portal

    <p><b>PT. Harsa Cipta Intiguna (HCI)</b> launches "<b>Active Portal</b>" Module on top of Censiere, it is the web portal which maximized and enhanced so that the ordinary portal utilize its maximum potential and boost its usage through the push visitor services and other services such as collaboration.</p>

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    Successful Implementation on Indonesian Goverment

    <p> This successful implementation is a big step for <strong>Censiere </strong>to move forward with its rich features… </p> <p>this big step is done at <strong><span class="short_text"><span class="hps">Cabinet Secretariat</span></span>&nbsp;</strong><strong>of Indonesia</strong> <strong>(Sekretariat Kabinet</strong> <strong>RI)</strong> which is being used to help and support the <em>President of Republic of Indonesia</em> in managing document and workflow.</p>